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Looking for Southwestern Indie Rock & Blues music? New Mexico's Finest artists, Sansietch & Gary Gorence, are just what you need...

The Best in Blues, Americana, Country & Rock!

Blues Farm Records is the Southwests' Premier  Indie Record Label.

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Below is the video for the hit single

Oak Tree Hangin' 


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No Turning Back....   

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Blues Farm Records is now accepting demo submissions for 2015.  

Blues Farm Records 



Get the personal attention you deserve from the renowned Sansietch. Don’t wait! We’re artists, too, and we can work with you on many levels. Costs are varied and we strive to work within your budget.



  • 32-track digital recording (12 simultaneous tracks)
  • Guitar technique and music theory instruction
  • Songwriting and production guidance
  • Website design and hosting
  • Inclusion on Blues Farm Records label website
  • CD manufacturing
  • CD distribution
  • Mp3 digital downloads
  • Live venue booking (National)
  • Press kits (EPK’s also)
  • Mp3 Demo CDs
  • Digital photography
  • Bar Codes for your album (Soundscan will track your sales)
  • Copyright guidance
  • Opportunity to join and support a

family of great southwest music groups



Blues Farm is always on the lookout for well positioned indie talent. If you or your band needs a guiding hand, Blues Farm offers promotional, recording, manufacturing and distribution options, that can take you to the next level.



Blues Farm is the Southwest’s premier indie label. Small enough to give you the personal attention your band needs at this stage, yet connected enough to bring you many times further than you ever could alone.


Take your music to the next level.

Email Sansietch today.


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